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Caring & Learning

Appletree is a private nursery operating under the supervision of Ofsted. We follow the guidelines set down for us by Ofsted and aim to promote the following outcomes:

  • Helping children to be healthy
  • Protecting children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe
  • Helping children enjoy and achieve
  • Helping children make a positive contribution to the provision and the wider community
  • Organisation of the setting to achieve the above

We also follow “Early Years Foundation Stage” throughout the nursery from birth to five years.


A room with conservatory and garden area is specifically designated for babies and toddlers. We have a staff ratio of 1:3. It is a warm and secure environment with caring nursery nurses and assistants to provide your child with the consistent care they need.

As babies we develop faster than at any other time so stimulation at this early stage is vital. We provide a wide range of toys and activities to encourage growth in these early years.

Each baby is treated as an individual and encouraged to develop at his/her own pace.

Provision of care is on a very personal basis. Staff will work closely with parents to ensure they cater for each baby’s individual needs and this regular dialogue will be supported by the baby diary where a record is kept of each child’s progress and development each day.

Our specially trained staff are here to deliver excellent care for you and your child. Please take as much time as you need to settle your child into nursery. Please feel free at any time to phone or call in to discuss your child’s development and well being.

Special weaning diets are catered for. Any special requirements please discuss with a member of staff.

Toddler room

This room accommodates children that age from 18months-3 years. The adult/child ratio for this group is 1:4 for children aged 2 year and older and 1:3 for under 2 year olds. All staff are qualified Nursery nurses or working towards NVQ level 2/3.

A wide range of stimulating and educational activities and toys are available to make this new step more enjoyable and so that children are able to learn through play. Our planning is broad and flexible and is designed to make learning a fun and positive experience. The room is sectioned into areas of continuous provision these areas include: sand, water, small world, building site, home corner, mark making, cosy corner.

3-5 year olds

The pre-school area is in the out of school club building offers an excellent opportunity to promote the Foundation Stage and the seven areas of learning as defined by the Department of Education (Ofsted). These are:

  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Communication and language.
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

At Appletree we believe that children learn best through play and actual experiences. To this end we provide a wide range of activities and encourage children to make independent decisions and choices. Our planning is project based, encouraging children to work towards the Early Years Foundation Stage in a stimulating, fun and positive way.

“Show and tell” is of great interest to children of this age (they love to bring items from home to discuss with their friends). Outings are often arranged and trips have included the
Post Office, florist, library and a visit on site from a Fireman!

Planning is displayed within each room. Your child’s Key Person will keep a record of progress and development which is available to parents at any time. We aim to maintain and develop the enthusiasm and joy for learning shown by young children, encouraging confidence and a positive attitude to learning.

If your child attends Orchard Nursery School for part of the day we are able to escort them and or collect them if required.

A Key Person system is in place where a designated member of staff will work closely with parents at all stages to ensure the best care possible for your child. We will take as much time as necessary to ease your child into this new environment and staff are happy to discuss any aspect of your child’s development with you at any time. We can assist with potty and toilet training if required (please bring plenty of spare clothes).

The Out of School Club

At Appletree we recognise that school hours and particularly school holidays can present a challenge for parents who work. In response to this we offer a range of services for school
age children. We aim to provide a fun and caring environment where children can engage in a variety of activities and make new friends. We will escort children to and from Orchard and Copley Schools on foot with qualified staff and additional walkers.

We have two separate areas for the Out of School Club, for Orchard and Copley. Both areas give children the opportunity to be involved in age appropriate activities such as art, craft, board games, computers, a Wii and Ipads with various games and also a secure outdoor play area. We provide a relaxing environment whilst maintaining a structured routine, with a planned activity for every night of the week. This can include box modelling, pizza making, games nights and trips to the local park. We hold a reward system for both age groups in which the children are placed into separate house teams where coins will be awarded for good behaviour, joining in on planned activities, working well with team mates, and good use of manners. At the end of each month the chests will be counted and the team that has collected the most coins will be rewarded.

Support is provided for children who wish to complete their homework during this time.

The Club is open for breakfast then children are escorted to school. Children are collected from school at 3.30pm and a light snack is provided at tea time. Arrangements can be made to collect children at a later time if they are taking part in any after school activity, please discuss this with a member of the Out of School Club staff.

During school holidays we provide opportunities for various excursions in addition to the usual activities. These are available at an extra cost and parents are welcome to
accompany us. Previous trips have included Eureka, the seaside, bowling, picnics, cinema, bike rides, sports days – the list is endless.